Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Last night Council meeting ran late,. and this AM I overslept. My take on the agenda session will wait. However I received the following comment to "Elections" i which I am proposing a change in format, and started to reply there. However, lets make it the subject for today's post.
Since you are a Republican, I can understand why you want to move to a different system.
I guess when all the Republican towns in Somerset, Hunterton and Morris counties voluntatily switch to non-partisian elections, then maybe we can also.
Otherwise, this is a Republican ploy."
June 10, 2009 7:20 AM

BULL!!!. I am a now registered Democrat although when the choice in Plainfield in the 40s was only Republican I registered as such. That never kept me from voting for Democratic Candidates for President, Senator, Representative ,Governor etc:. I have probably voted for more State and Federal important Democrats than you have over the past 68 years..

Local level offices are a different kettle of fish. In a one party political area in New Jersey, a member of an ineffective by numbers minority party is deprived of his/hers right to select the individual of choice since the primary substitutes for the general election.

American Democracy should not disfranchise any citizen. Therefore, either a non-partisan election with a run off if no candidate receives a majority or an open primary where party registration doesn't count are the only two answers.

The open primary is dangerous above the local representative levels because it can become a vehicle for political "bullet voting" to remove a party political dangerous candidate. I feel that is the poorer answer.

The non partisan form of elections also has disadvantages but it permits ALL citizens to have a say in their government. The political bosses don't like it because in can make them ineffective and lose power. It might actually increase voter turnout because people will feel that they have a part in their government.

I would think that Independents, Democrats, and lowly Republicans might find the concept of interest. It has worked well in some communities and poorly in others.

There are many legal problems including the city's charter and state laws that would have to be worked out. I for one do not have the expertise to research these matters and hope some concerned citizens would. I would also hope that the City's Corporation Counsel, who by definition acts in our interests not a party or individual, might give an opinion.

I open this for discussion and hope that perhaps a public question, by petition might appear on November's ballot.

(Boldface mine)


  1. "I must be a politician!" - Old Doc

    I think you summed it up very well Doc with that sentence.

    You campaigned for Mapp, and lost. After loosing, you propose to change the rules.

    Why do I think you would not have proposed this if Mapp had won....hmmmmm....

  2. Your expressions and ideologies however, aLL scream R-E-P-U-B-I-C-A-N.. a party who does not have the interest of the people at heart (the people meaning white, black, hispanic, asian, etc.)

    and we as readers all pick up on this. your blog actually, as of late, has been reading with a Plainfield New Democratic slant, which has been very drab.

    Tickle us with photo potpourri, and then resume your 'Doc' style of writing, writing that was not tainted with political sidings.


  3. I thank both of the above JP and A.W. for there comments. Two corrections though; (1) I never did " campaign" for Mapp, made NO contribution to his campaign fund. I also if you reread my post pointed out his negatives. I did and admit state that I would vote for him UNLESS some other candidate came up with poditive reasons to have my vote. NO ONE DID.

    If my blog has a "New Democrat" slant, perhaps that may be because the spokesperson for the Mayor offered only a repetitive mudslinging self praising campaign.

    As a concerned citizen I resented that type of politics.

    As soon as I straighten some "technical problems" with my computer setup and time the photos will b back as well as some planned stories about Muhlenberg and perhaps my childhood.

    In the meantime I will try to be a civic watchdog not a political activist also the demarcation line may be vague.

  4. and I apologize for the typos.. I guess I am human Doc! haha


  5. Welcome to the Human? race. Me too; "poditive" , "b back", and "also" instead of "although".

  6. After reading several responses on several blogs about Adrian losing and admonitions about his prior record, I still have not read ONE thing about why this mayor is so great. No roads, no downtown, introduced a 9.5% tax increase, never went to a board meeting for Muhlenburg on which she was a member, she has no people in her cabinet who live in Plainfield..I don't get it.