Monday, July 24, 2017


Would you believe that it was a sweater wearing breezy 69 on my porch this afternoon? This is July and we just finished a 4 day “90% heat wave”. In Roanoke this was the 16th straight day of 90+ weather.

The DC Circus continues with the first day of the closed Senate Intelligence Committee hearings about the supposed Russian interference in the election. Jerry Kushner was today’s star. In an 11 page prepared pre-released statement and post testimony press meeting he declared he was lily white.

There seems to be no rational for these meetings to be “closed to the public and media since there can be no information revealed that may be damaging to our national security. Perhaps as my son suggested the purpose is to keep each witness ignorant of what the others have said in reply to questions and maybe implicate one of them.

Flash! Senator McClain will return to Washington this Tuesday f or a procedure vote on bringing the latest GOP plan to the floor. 50 yeas are needed.

 Once again I refer to the Political cartoonists for information about the Presidency

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