Sunday, July 9, 2017


Kimmel, Fallon, Colbert took the July 4th week off, and so did I.

This is a new week and there is a Council meeting Monday night. 

There was a reason for the Agenda Setting Session and the Business meeting at which time the items were to be voted on were to be held a week apart.

That was to give the Councilors time to cogitate about what they were deciding and if there were any un-answered or new questions to be resolved before the final vote. Perish the thought that City matters could interfere with their summer pleasures.
Once again important items such as the redevelopment plans for the Muhlenberg Campus and the block bounded by west Front St. Madison Ave. W. Second St and Grove St. are to be voted upon. It is true that the first5 reading of these two Ordinances took place in June; but such matters as outsourcing administrative functions are presented cold. An example R238- 17 to have Savory Technology Partners “Online Street Opening Permit Services”. We are told that it will save paper work and save money. Will there be a reduction in personnel or will patronage positions not be affected? There are two Ordinances up for first reading: MC 2017-20 is to give the city Juris diction over Roads & Parking Lots at the properties known as 501-21 West Fourth St. There is mention of an attached letter which seems to be non-existent. There is no noted reason why this is needed. The second Ordinance MC 2017-221 is to adopt a “South Ave-Netherwood Todn Redevelopment Plan”. Apparently the plan was previously presented to the Council and approved for consideration. However once again there is no support data for the public.

These two Ordinances will be presented and approved at one sitting for first reading.

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