Tuesday, July 11, 2017



This is the 4052nd blog I have posted in the past 91/2 years. Unfortunately it has to do with Monday’s Council meeting.

Perhaps the fact that there were less than 20 attendees during the entire length of the meeting which began at 7pm after a closed executive session. The first hour was entirely devoted to the PMUA. During that time the PMUA Executive Director gave Trumpian answers to a series of prepared questions delivered by Council President Williams.

We were informed that it was impossible to make waste disposal costs comparisons with that of surrounding communities because since they were determined according to the County location so North Plainfield and South Plainfield could (?) be lower than Union County Plainfield

Nor could he compare the only community which contracts with the PMUA; Fanwood, per residency cost with Plainfield’s since that contract which was “competitive” with any other vendor, was with the municipality. PMUA provided the services which he claimed used the same vehicles and personnel as Plainfield

There was no explanation of the fixed cost per customer, excluding the “shared services” charge which all residency owners must pay even if they used an independent service. No answer was given to the real question; were Plainfielders subsidizing Fanwood’s residents?

Although he claimed that the dollars received helped reduce the per capita Plainfield charges no actual figures were ever presented

There was no opportunity for public comments at the time of the PMUA/Council interaction (?) but at the end of the meeting Crownover remarked that no consideration had been given by Council or Administration to the 2012 Commission which he chaired report on dissolving the PMUA. Could it be that there is no longer a political interest and these annual Council/PMUA interactions are just per forma?

Blog 4023 will continue this “Council Meeting report”.


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  1. In every organization there is room for improvement, PMUA being no exception. I don’t know if it’s because people just don’t know how to listen or they chose to hear only what they want to hear. The PMUA has been picking up recyclables from Fanwood for approximately 3 months. In the last 3 months have the rates to Plainfielder’s gone up? Did everyone hear them say the rates have been stable for the last 8 years and on track to stay stable in the foreseeable future. Evidently not. What I don’t understand is how you think Plainfield ratepayers are subsidizing Fanwood. It just doesn’t make sense.

    I bet Mr Crownover opt out of PMUA sometime ago but won’t be content unless he see that the authority is dissolved and Plainfield unemployment rate increases. If Mr Corownover has an apple to apple comparisons for rates of other communities he should email that information to the sitting commissioners.

    For councilor Storch to say PMUA rates are one of the reasons developers shy away from Plainfield is absurd. Someone should ask the councilor if the developer on the South Ave project is using the PMUA or did they opt to use a private hauler from the onset of the plan? I was at the planning board meeting when they presented their plan and the question was asked if they would be using the PMUA for the garbage collection, they wanted to know what was the PMUA and followed by, we will be using a private hauler. If the councilor was interested in getting the PMUA rates lower, he should advocate for these developers to use the services of the PMUA.

    Of course I wish I didn’t have any bills or expenses but, for me, I honestly don’t feel the $1100 I pay a year for my garbage, sewer and share-services to keep Plainfield clean is excessive in comparison of the service. What I do find excessive is the amount I pay in property taxes and the fact that my property taxes have increased YOY for the last 17 years. Getting my taxes lowered or even stable is a cause I’m more than willing to stand up and fight for. Mr Crownover, Mr Goldstein, and the city council should work a little more diligently on lowering or at the very least stabilizing our property taxes. That would really be a win for all residents of Plainfield.

    Diane R.