Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Was it not fitting that both Gloria and I missed her last working Council meetings including the one that “honored her services”

I will not excuse myself because of overwhelming family problems caused by my son-in-law’s fall and belated hospitalization with a fractured leg due to the police and EMT’s failure to recognize mental confusion in a person on the floor unable to stand who refused medical help; i.e.; transportation to hospital ER. When he was finally taken his physical biological condition was critical.  

However I am not being paid by the Taxpayers to represent us in the City's affairs.

I partially cannot fault them because of today’s litigious CYA society. Sometimes “personal rights” must be ignored by common sense.

Gloria did do something right by not be able to vote she assured that the Council acted appropriately on the Taxicab Ordinance. Like it or not Plainfield and North Plainfield are intertwined as one sister community. Separation by Political boundaries cannot override economic and social factors.

Our new President to be continues to show true colors by his selection of Cabinet and other critically important office holders. The Secretary of State for one may not get Senate approval because Republicans Rubio, Graham and McCain have already said that they will not accept him, If they do so with the expected Democrat block vote he will not receive a majority. A few other Republicans may join them. I hope so, we should not treat Putin with admiration and fellowship.

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