Monday, December 5, 2016


Sorry, it was not the weather but plain fatigue that caused my decision not to go to the Council meeting.

My daughter had unexpectedly suddenly died in March and my son in law who has severe COPD has been alone in their house.

He had fallen and despite the fact that he could not get up off the floor for two days had refused to go to the hospital. Today he knew he had to do so and he has a fractured hip.

For the past three days and more so today there has been a flood of phone calls and email messages from various family members about him, which have taken too much stress time added to a bad night’s sleep resulting in my decision to stay home. Obviously a wise move since I fell asleep for a half hour after7:30.

If and when I learn the time that the meeting will be on TV I may learn what I missed and comment. Until then the world will continue its normal course.

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