Wednesday, December 7, 2016


"Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition"

I will give odds that to 99% of those who read this blog Dec. 7th has no meaning nor the above quote*. On the other hand for me 75 years ago it meant the end of the first month of my marriage. But more important I was studying in my room to music on the radio when there was an interruption for the news that forever changed the world for Americans. 


I had thought that the Orson Wells’1938 broadcast "The War of the Worlds" which I had also accidentally tuned into while studying and the fiasco of the public reactions was the pinnacle of an interruption of a routine broadcast. I was so wrong.

The Japanese had made their sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. Almost the entire Fleet was wiped out along with the air force in Hawaii.

This disaster coupled with the losses in the Philippines represented the worse military catastrophic event in history.

America was at war and within a few days joined the British, Soviets and Free French in the war against Hitler‘s Germany.

An isolationist nation was forced to be a world power; to assume the role it should have accepted years before and perhaps prevented the Holocaust as well as not only the military losses but other millions of innocent civilians.

There should be a lesson from that day which we should learn in these days of stress. All to soon there will be no one left who has a personal recollection of events 75 years ago and not only the following 5 years but the decade afterward. History can be a great teacher.

* check Wickpedia "ship chaplain Lieutenant Howell M. Forgy walked along the deck encouraging them, shouting “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!”"

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