Wednesday, July 29, 2015


The morning spent on an appointment. I will try to write a blog for tomorrow later. In the meantime some one sent me this political cartoon on Iran Deal issue.


  1. Hi Doc,

    I constantly see the commericial on TV, which came out before anyone had time to read the whole agreement. I am troubled wondering where the money is coming from to keep this commerical running. Someone wants to make money from it, but who and why? I also am disturbed when I hear that we need a "better deal" and don't hear any suggestions from the Republicans on what that means. It's easy to criticise someone or something, but unless you have a solution to suggest, your criticism is just another opinion, and you know what they say about them. Thanks.

    1. The only better deal is an impossibility. Iran completely giving up its Bomb goal which of course it will not do. One columnist wrote the choice is really between the danger of a conventional war now or an atomic war 15 years in the future". This deal is a true Cart Blanche for Iran.

    2. I don't agree, but I don't see people in the US being willing to send more Americans to die in the mid-east. Of course some would like that so the Halliburtons in the country and their friends can get much richer. I am very skeptical and eight years of Bush lies didn't help. Thanks for publishing my comment.