Thursday, July 23, 2015


I intended to write a post about Trump, but was side tracked after reading various cyber documents and the print media with more detail about the Iran Deal. I will have to digest the various new information available and then write another blog.

I am not obsessed by the fact that we have a deal , but rather we are not being informed on all the facts Moreover there is too much disinformation being presented plus distortion of facts so I feel that  if I can print a reasonable summary we can make a educated opinion if the "Deal"  will do what it is supposed to do.

If you want to read all 159 pages click on this link

Meanwhile I shall post some  of JAMA's art that I like.

  La Rumba Supermarket (Emilio Sanchez 1980-)
The top is:(1) Garden of the Generalife in Granada 1913 by Theo  van Rysselberghe;


  1. Thanks for posting the JAMA art--I remember you posting some of these back when I first started reading your blog--maybe when you first started it--anyway, it's nice to see art!


  2. Hello Old Doc, in light of your post about the Iran deal being bad and two among your commenters who disagree, I would like to support your position and challenge those who disagree to refute the following from Caroling Glick, editor of the Jerusalem Post. Her bold statement goes like this. The details of the deal – the number of centrifuges that keep spinning, the verification mechanisms, the dispute resolution procedures, etc. – are all debatable, and largely irrelevant, at least when compared to the two irrefutable aspects of the big picture. The big picture is the deal makes it inevitable that Iran will get the bomb whether it cheats or not and secondly, as far as the Obama administration is concerned, now that the UN Security Council has anchored the agreement in a binding resolution and so given the force of international law to a deal that guarantees Iran will receives the bomb and $150b. This to a nation that during the negotiations chanted, "Death to America" which Secr. Kerry thinks is "stupid." Really? (Angelo)

  3. Dear sir, I am the photography and image rights manager for the Saint Louis Art Museum. It has come to my attention that you are reproducing our James Baare Turnbull painting The Church Supper without authorization. JAMA was not authorized to share this image on Pinterest and you are therefore not authorized to reproduce it here. Please remove the image from your page immediately. You may contact me by email at Thank you.