Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Someone once accused me of being the “last angry man”.  If I am the world has gone to hell.

I hope that Dottie is not the “last angry women”. If the composition of the Council is an example; five women and two males, then it is obvious that Women have the greatest influence in our community affairs.

But it was not sexual orientation that influenced last night’s disgraceful voting at Monday’s Special meeting. It was just political loyalty and ties of nepotism and patronage. Those who question can OPRA for facts or perhaps “google”.

Of course there are ethical questions about whether and when Councilors should recluse themselves from participating in a subject.

If any one feels that there may be some conflict he/she has the right to get the opinion of all the Councilor members about participating. 

I am sure that is rarely done and in the two votes taken last night it would not have made a difference since it was obvious that in least one there was a block interest to obtain the results of the vote.

In the cases where there has been documented suggestion of personal interest; there was no intention to consider any ethical problem at least on the voting on the interest rates such disregard had no adverse impact.

Rhetoric that seems to be so much bull to justify ones objections is annoying and is disrespectful of the public as well as the speaker’s peers.

Five people cast a vote yesterday against four good candidates without one word of explanation why they felt that any one of the four would not make good PMUA Commissioners, except for one or two feeble statements that the PMUA is not broken why change.

Not one said; that despite the million dollar belated termination gift to two executives who had resigned and had not been terminated without cause by the board, those still holding expired board positions deserved to remain in office.

The weird part of the PMUA vote is that if all the Councilors who had some potential conflict issue had recluse themselves there would not have been a quorum to pass on any of the candidates.

The vote passing the resolution for continuing the same interest rates on delinquent taxes speaks for its self. 


  1. they don't need to give themselves an answer Doc.. they answer to themselves and Jerry.
    I'm assuming the 5 Stooges and Jerry had already had the conversations necessary before the meeting.

    "Councilwoman Tracey Brown said this is “a wonderful time in the life of Plainfield.” She urged residents to support Mapp.

    “If we support him and if he does well, the city does well,” Brown said. “If he is blessed, the city is blessed.”

    ... I'm guessing she's back on the "screw him and screw Plainfield" bandwagon. NICE!

  2. 10:34 am, I am copying here -not posting your comment because it is an offensive cowards attack on a person by some one who hides behind anonymity. "Rob please walk around with the sheet on your head KKK "

    Your remarks are also one of a racists.

  3. Doc he is very racists also

  4. 12:34, HE-WHO? The unknown or Rob?

  5. Mmmm... KKK???
    Well.. My daughter, friends and few ex lovers might find that quite an interesting comment.. Care to have your soul frozen anonymous???
    I believe darker the berry sweeter the juice covers a lot in my book...