Tuesday, January 28, 2014


A short note before I leave for my doctor’s social visit this am; about the real meeting last night, the Special Meeting.

When I arrived at 7pm I was relieved to see a full complement of Councilors and a crowded Court Room.

Plainfield now has a CFO, more later. Almost every list of appointees was accepted by a 7:0 vote. Yes there were a few exceptions, the greatest number being either 2 or 3 nays. No vote until the PMUA vote gave the slightest appearance of an organized rejection.

Then came the nomination of a slate of 5 Commissioners. It was a breath of fresh air to see one holdover Carol Brokaw who had not participated in that infamous award of a million dollars, plus Nan Anderson-Bennett, Thomas J. Crowder, Charles Tyndale from the first ward, and Thomas Kaercher.

Before the public interviews began both Councilors Taylor and Brown made statements why they didn’t feel the holdovers should be replaced. Councilor Taylor also remarked without giving facts that there was an ongoing investigation of the PMUA. Afterwards they inferred that their vote was not political!

Two Councilors: Chairman Reid and President Rivers posed most of the questions; repeating the same one to all except Brokaw who was not interviewed since she was being reappointed.
Reid focused on whether the candidate approved of the practice of hiring ex-prisoners as a second chance. All spoke in the affirmative.

Reid then focused on a statement supposedly made by Mapp in 2005 when he ran for Mayor, that the PMUA should be disbanded. 

He wished to know if Mapp had spoken to each one advocating that stance. All replied NO. Incidentally 2005 was not a mayoral election year.

Rivers asked each if they had been involved in “anti-PMUA” activities, such as “Dump PMUA”. All responded I the negative.

Then came the “not-political” vote; only Williams and Storch voted for the candidates. No explanation was given by any of the FIVE why they rejected any candidate. So much for Plainfield’s best interests.


  1. The problems with PMUA are significant in ways that dwarf the $1 million settlement. Ms. Brokaw is the longest serving commissioner. There is a long way to go before this City agency is operating in the best interest of the public, rather than for the personal benefit of individuals tied up in Plainfield's political cartel. Last night was a time for change. Barack Obama was wrong when he said "Yes We Can". We could, but we didn't.

  2. I hope others will join me in letting people know how self-serving the now "five stooges" are. Being the wife of a minister, I'm sorry to see Taylor bowing to personal desires instead of what's good for Plainfield. We need to remove these five clowns and get people who care about the citizens of Plainfield more than their own self interests.

  3. These 5 are nothing more than Pond Scum.

  4. I remember when Rick Taylor was Mayor and lived on Central Avenue. At this time, I observed her daily utilizing a city vehicle for her own personal use and at the expense of the taxpayers. This was reported to the City Administration and nothing was done. "Miss Thing" is quite comfortable living off the taxpayers she has done it for years.

  5. Gloria Taylor mentioned an "ongoing investigation" of the PMUA. Can someone give me some information about that?

    Dottie Gutenkauf

  6. MR.Muhamed Mustafa was right on target. I am so glad the PMUA did not cave into pressure and allow people to serve who may be educated but does not have the best interest of the PMUA at heart. Yes the rates are too high,and need to come down immediately.Nevertheless, to insult people and call them names because of the way they voted is infantile.Glad that is not the way of Islam, but of devils.

  7. Dotti, I too would like to know what the investigation is. We have heard rumors but no facts. Do not know who is doing it. I think either Taylor or Brown said something about a "forensic audit".

  8. 2:04 pm. Did you mean 'The Council" and not the PMUA? It was the Council that had the choice.

  9. As jeff dunn stated PMUA had a record year for profits last year, best year in 20 year history! So where are those profits going??? Ratepayers get small percentage reduction in rates, front line workers get furloughed and a wage freeze for 2014?? Oh that's right they gave a $1,000,000 settlement to people who RETIRED. How much of this record profit that he was emphasizing so much goes back to the ratepayers?? Judging from my bill not much at all. So if that's what having the best interest of the PMUA at heart means then go ahead and keep the same commissioners and let the ratepayers and employees suffer the most. The current commissioners only have the best interest of themselves at heart NOT the PMUA. The candidates presented last night were all qualified and i'm positive would actually be effective in reducing frivolous spending that exists within the PMUA all while providing better service and results with reduced rates. And to all the councilors who remember the past and say the city is cleaner than it used to be is plain BS! That excuse is old and needs to stop, the currect cleanliness of our city is horrible and should not be acceptable by any ratepayers standard given the rates we pay. Im sorry but its cleaner than it used to be just doesnt cut it anymore. Thats plainfields problem always judging ourselves against our past instead of looking forward to what could be if we put the right people in place.

  10. Pond Scum, would you like it if someone called your mother, brother, sister, friend that? That is not nice. You must be a terrible person to call someone that. Your Mother,That is not nice, please play nice.

  11. 5 on the City Council believe the broken entity which gave a retirement gift on the backs of the PMUA workers and Citizens of Plainfield have shown their true colors and for that we should be thankful.... KOUMBAYA...