Tuesday, September 20, 2011


A grey depressing day greets us this Tuesday Sept. 20,2011. This  may portend the events  of this last week of Summer.  We wait for  the Special Council meeting and on a more universal scale the opening session of the UN.  

This will be a tumultuous week in New York City and in the international scene.  As the United Nations begins  its fall session the major events will undoubtedly  be the appearance of the president of  Iran  to address the assembly. If  past performances run true  this leader  of  rouge country which has been secretly acquiring  material for atomic bombs as well as developing the capability  of delivering them anywhere in Europe, India and  Africa.  Iran  is in the process of developing  potential missile to attack the United States, which he has persistently verbally attacked and  may be  a financial as well as material supporter of terrorists aimed  at us.

Recently, probably in anticipation of the UN meeting,  after two years imprisonment the Iranians announced that Americans hikers who had been arrested as spies could be given their freedom on payment of $500 million as be. This is really  ransom money.  It should not be expected that they would return to Iran once they are safely back in America.  Iran is no better than the Barbary Pirate nations of the late 18th and early 19th century.

(Part 2 - too long- to follow)

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