Saturday, September 24, 2011


Where does one start? Too many "spectator sports"  crowding TV. Not only is it the end  of the Major League Baseball regular season and the start of the playoffs/world series ahead but NCAA football, Professional Football and yes Pro Hockey -it is still September- are competing for viewers.

Pro basketball may give us a break since due to a lockout that season due to start with training camp in one week may be on hold for a long time. Of course College Basketball which is a better game  will be on the tube in mid November.

There are other "spectator sports" for our interests. The Republicans and Democrats in Congress are again threatening to shut the government down by not approving financing..They may not agree to put money into FEMA so that those  covered by our natural disasters get relief, but that is OK since they will probably get their paycheck and pension benefits.  Since  the FY ends  at the end of  September an d there is no provisions for funding beyond that it is once again time for  our Congress to take a vacation.

And what about our newest circus; The Council's  investigation into the WBLS payment. Our reporters come up  with something new every day. If I were to be making book, it appears that the odds on this expanding and becoming an AG matter are increasing rapidly day by day. I like my readers have to obtain information from the other blogs and the news media. 

However, in a State where the laws on awarding contracts are riddled with loopholes  that whole matter may likely be treated as of little consequence..

Thank goodness for ESPN3. I could not watch my college team play if it were not for that program making games available on the computer. Of course the changes in  Internet speed also help make that possible.

11:00 AM;  Perhaps in the overall content of this blog I should have used the term "Couch Potato Sports" instead of "spectator"

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