Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Monday night the Council in imitating a now discarded Board of Education technique by after opening the scheduled public meeting and conducting some preliminary business, the Council adjourned for an executive session of about 20 to30 minutes.

In an earlier posting I had commented on two resolutions which now have turned out to be city sponsored events and not those of unknown or who other sponsorship. 

Notwithstanding, at no time has there been any listing of the funding for these two events. It is presumed that they will be covered in the propose six months interim 2011 budget.

This is not intended to be a condemnation of the events which are the subject of these two resolutions, but rather the apparent deliberate deviation from transparency by the administration. It leads one to wonder who is setting policy in Recreation.

It was not until resolution 328 – 11 that the Council reverted from the routine conducted approval with only few questions of the Resolutions under consideration. At that point this all Democratic Council decided to imitate Congress and its two political parties by reiterating arguments which they have presented repeatedly over several months against that repavement project.

It is too bad that the public has to be subject to repeated meeting after meeting personal political agenda arguments. It is unconscionable if a Councilor  who has missed an agenda setting meeting reopens a subject matter which is already been a basis for prolonged discus

Please, you have already made your point. We have heard and acknowledged it. There is no need to abuse the public time.

Finally, by a 4:3 vote it is possible for the South Avenue project to proceed. Let us hope that it will be completed long before the weather forces a further delay.

In a related matter at the public comment session multiple speakers again spoke about the long delay in the repavement of Sheridan Avenue which was scheduled in the present but discarded Master Street Improvement plan.

Of all the road plans and programs that were supposed to be done in 2011 as of this date the only one in which contracts have been awarded, Roosevelt Avenue, has had only preliminary work. The second project is of course South Avenue. The third to be considered is the section of Watchung Avenue from Hillside to Terrell road which as of this date has not even entered the engineering phase. 

Since that particular project can be paid through grant money. there is no excuse for the delay its  in completing this project.

During the meeting it was reported at that next month's the new projected plan for restoring Plainfield streets will be presented for discussion and adoption. 

It is hoped that with the appointment of a professional Director for Public Works and Urban Development , Eric Jackson, that there will be attention and direction paid into  the restoring Plainfield's streets. That includes preserving  before winter weather those roads that are still in acceptable condition.

Sometime this month this taxpayer will present in this blog some suggestions he may have related to Plainfield’s  streets



  1. Wash, Rinse, Repeat, Wash, Rinse, Repeat...
    Plainfield...Moving forward one arduous, laborious and painful step at a time.
    But, judging how the roads are in South Plainfield, Scotch Plains and all other surrounding communities, this is how it must be everywhere..oh, wait a minute.

  2. Councilmembers have NO EXCUSE for not knowing what goes on at the meetings. If they cannot attend, watch it on TV.