Friday, December 11, 2009


Yesterday's posting of X-mas trees around the world reflects the original concept of 'DPOTPOURRI". Unfortunately, Plainfield's political and financial chaos has taken precedence over the last few months form time to show pictures, explain my view on "Health Reform" and what the politicians are going to do with it, some philosophy and just nonsense.

For hard core reporting or information on Plainfield politics read Bernice's " Plainfield Plaintalker", Dan's "Plainfield Today" which is the site I give anyone who wants my blog as the link center to all Plainfield blogs. Plaintalker represents the best in reporting;not biased and factual.

Maria i her blog is the best source of what is good and what is bad in the Plainfield educational system. She is a superb crusader for spending our dollars on student education.

Any newspaper article of Mark Spivey's will be first hand facts not belated fancy gathered by correspondents for the other papers.

I will continue to audit the Council, write impressions of meetings and of course post my opinions. That is a columnists prerogative. Sometimes my blog will be late, but I expect that there will be something up full of typos and spelling checker's substitution for my original words. I will correct when I notice any of the above errors and will note any major change or alteration in the original posting.

Tonight is Council Meeting night. more later.

4pm:WOW i am sure out of touch with reality. Today is Friday-no Council Meeting-. The meeting is of course Monday night.

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