Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 17, 2009; 8:30 AM - The papers are all in, and I have read Mark's report on a boisterous BOE meeting of Tuesday night.. I do not intend to comment on that meeting per se. I confess that I have no knowledge of the NITTY_GRITTY that took place

Suffice to say this was another "Autonomous Board" that has a power of implementing taxation through our city taxes. The role of both the Board of Education, and the District Superintendent of Schools and their relationships although described in law appears to be one of interpretation by the bodies involved. The obligation to keep the public informed has been hidden behind no only legally approved standards, but self imposed censorship and edicts (memos with threats)

Plainfield's education system has been a disaster for years; one of the worse in the state. We are told that Dr. Gallon is making progress, but not the degree and at what cost. Although goals may have been set,and I regret that I have no knowledge of any since I have paid too little attention to the PSS.

Is the local explosion of Charter Schools a result of failure in the system? How many Charter Schools are now in operation? How many have failed in the last 5 years. Was there a study of their failure?

The fact is that we must receive a complete report in layman's English about organizational changes , job descriptions and personnel changes form the two years preceding the Gallon era to understand what is what. Salary ranges and reasons for transfers are to be part of that report.

Poor Plainfield, we have an arrogant self centered PMUA who spends Public money as if it grew on trees. Again openness in reporting is a forgotten word.

WE have an Administration that is inept. A Council that can exceed the supposed Charter restrictions by prohibiting personnel changes, and deny approval of leadership appointments. The Council should also enforce the reported 90 day limit on temporary appointments.

Although I have plenty of remedial suggestions in m y mind, I do not consider them to be ideal answers. The 2010 Council should take stock of all our problems and immediately for a commission charged to study and come up with recommendations for reorganization if need of the various separate parts of the Plainfield Civic structure.

If only our civil structure was adept as some of our human assets. I am thinking of one who all know for her dedication to Causes such as the restoration of Muhlenberg Hospital,Her extreme dedication to Social issues. A person whose political beliefs I often find to be far different than mind , yet one who I have the up most respect. Of course I am writing about Dottie G.

All who know her know that she has probably the most astute political mind in the area, and although she claims only to give advice if asked has shepherded Candidates to election not only for local office but for the BOE.

What makes Dottie extra special is her hidden side as a poet, song writer and "singer". To see and enjoy this side of Dottie go to:

I can promise you that you will enjoy the experience. I am proud to consider Dottie a friend.

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