Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Update: I have scanned about 300 out of over 900 slides taken on various trips to France. This particular group of slides are about 28 years old and show some degeneration.

Background: The European inland waterway systems make it possible for cargo carrying self propelled 'barges" and moderate size yachts to travel from the English Channel or the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean Sea or the Black Sea with out being exposed to open and treacherous seas. It is also possible to go trans Europe from Antwerp to Berlin or the Elbe River near Prague through a mixture of rivers and canals.

These pictures were taken at sunrise in St. Jean de Losey, a small inland port on the upper navigable reaches of the Saon River a tributary of the mighty Rhone. At this small town the Burgundy Canal which is the route from the Seine terminates as does another canal group which goes to the Rhine or the Meuse rivers.

The first slide is one of my favorites because of its serendipity; what I first thought to be a defect on the slide just to the right of the steeple turned out to be on close inspection a stork. to enlarge any picture click on it

#2: The boat basin inner harbor. The entrance to the Burgundy Canal is left center

#3: View towards town

#4: More harbor area

#5 The town and Bridge over the river
Don't worry, you will not be exposed to all 900 slides just only a few probably daily but ones that I like and believe to have redeeming features.

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