Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I thought that McCain's concession speech was one of the greatest political speeches of all times. It will be little remembered, and has been ignored by the press. McCain would have made a great President but he was the right man at the wrong time. Too bad he did not get the nomination 4 or even 8 years ago.

Now that we have new leadership let us disregard the political verbiage that the present economic crisis was due to "failed Republican policies". History will show that all societies have boom and bust cycles. George Bush #1 lost to Clinton because the country was in an economic depression after years of rising prosperity. In nature every action has a reaction. In economics it is a correction. The Great Depression was a severe one that lasted 10 years. Clinton was fortunate to be elected as the great boom of the 90s was already in its formative stages. The mortgage fiasco and the Fredie Mac and Fannie Mae risky loans were initiated by legislation in the Clinton years. We remember only what we wish, and can place blame on any scape goat.

With the " New Democrats" being in position of influence on the Council perhaps Plainfield's government will be more proactive in civic affairs. Would it not be nice if a true provisional budget would be ready for action on July 1, the start of the fiscal year. To approve a budget 6 or 9 months into the year means that the elected officials have abandoned their fiduciary responsibilities to those they are supposed to supervise.

How soon will Rashid reveal his political ambitions? 2009= Mayor?--Assembly???. City Party Chairmanship ??? I can't wait.

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  1. Many have heard of Burney's ambition to be in the assembly. As far as mayor, he would have to get the support of those who initially put him in office. For too long he has gone along with this mayor's incompetence and outrageous proposals. Can't believe the people would support him at this point. He'd actually have better luck at the state level.