Monday, November 10, 2008


9:45AM; Sadly I just read yesterday's Plaintalker-must have been a late post. That the PMUA should schedule a public hearing at 6 PM the same night of the Council meeting is disturbing. Not only does the hour interfere with most family's regular dinner time, but for those who attend the Council meetings they will either have to eat very early or go hungry. Neither is in the best interests of those who have medical problems. Of course the PMUA people do not attend the Council meetings. Is it a lack of consideration or deliberate intent to discourage participation?

To "Learned Thinker. I am very sorry that you were offended by my use of. and in deliberate quotations, the term "a black". It was not meant to be derogatory like the "n---" word, rather as a generalized term denouncing any type of bigotry be it racial, ethnic, or religious. I may be in error but we are all Americans although are skin color may differ. We should not be:"Irish-Americans" , African-Americans" , "Catholic-Americans", Jewish-Americans". Sometimes words may be misinterpreted but I think we should always try to understand the intent of the message.

Read via Clips Rev James Colvin's letter to President elect Obama about Corzine. I am ambivalent, The Gov. should not be allowed to escape to another ego satisfying "job" , but I am convinced that New Jersey would be better off with Codey.

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  1. Doc,

    I appreciate your sincere thoughts, and your attention to my vioce and opinion. I agree that we are all Americans, but what makes America unique is that we are a community of MANY parts and backgrounds, which entitles us to our heritage, our historical backgrounds. The America we live in was founded by European immigrants, not even citing the fact that the land was already set and established by Native Americans.

    Again Doc, continue to write intelligibly and soundly.

    Always a pleasure,
    Learned Thinker