Wednesday, August 9, 2017


This Wednesday afternoon I will have my Ohio granddaughter, 16 year old great grandson, 13 year old great granddaughter, Roanoke daughter and son in law here for a visit until Sunday. Thursday they will be joined by DC daughter and N YC son and his wife for the rest of the week. Along the way there will be a family event. Obviously, little rest for the ancient and weary, and no time for blogging. 

That is the good news. The bad is the further indication that the Plainfield economic area is no longer attractive. Sears has closed its retail complex at Terrill and 22 and by this fall the automotive center will be gone.

Bob’s Furniture is not only closing its North Plainfield store but advertising on TV that it is relocating to Union.

The Hoffman Koos/ Ethan Allen store appears closed although the sign said it was for redecorating there seems to be no activity.

What was the once popular “Farmers Market” on South Ave and most recently part of a chain is also closed.

Bank of American several years ago closed its Plainfield drive in teller facility, and about a year ago the North Plainfield one. This July the Scotch Plains office also discontinued that service making banking a difficult process for those handicapped. PNC still has its Netherwood drive-in but inside services have often been limited.

The Queen City ain‘t what it used to be 50 years ago when it was Central Jersey’s business Mecca

On the big picture; we wait to see what happens with North Korea, Russia, and the Grand Juries. All will impact on our lives.

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