Tuesday, August 1, 2017


 I had a ready to post blog yesterday but had to correct the misallocation of the linked photos. Then came two phone calls and the arrival of Stanley Steemer.

Fortunately yesterday’s high 80 degrees was marked by low humidity and I was able to sit outside with Dawg in comfort until dinner time. That blog will wait for another “fill in need for posting”; nothing lost.

Meanwhile yesterday there was a major political explosion in DC with the “Mooch” getting the boot after 10 days in office marked by open feuding with others in the inner circle accompanied with a level of unprecedented profanity.

Good riddance of another incomprehensible Trump choice for our government. Perhaps under Kelly there may be a chance for sanity to return into the Executive branch.

It is true that there is only a slight possibility since Trump himself has proven to be a loose cannon who loves to “tweet” and provide material for the late night talk show hosts.

The latest is the revelation that the Donald himself wrote Jr’s explanation of the meeting with the Russian(s) lawyer. 

Note: We should receive our new tax bills this coming week. The due date has been extended to the end  of the month.
Other local news re the November BOE elections:

"Three seats, currently held by David Rutherford, Carletta Jeffers and Terrence Bellamy Sr., are up on the nine-member board. 
The six Plainfield residents who have filed to run are Harry M. Watson, Jr., William A. Contreras, Timothy A. Priano, Aisha Eustache, Tera Phipps and Avonia Richardson-Miller."


  1. Not surprising that the Campbells was running a slate but arrived at the clerks office after the deadline of 4:00. Now their looking to sue and offered their support to Timothy A Priano.

    1. Please do not associate my name with past or present BOE members. I am an Independent person and running for a seat to improve our schools for our Children.

      I am always avaivable to speak in person, give me a call

  2. Anything but Mapps Slate