Monday, November 21, 2011


Briefly a review of the support material for the resolutions is not very helpful. In fact there are more questions than answers. The $30000.00 settlement with Tareem Muslim, Yolanda Sistruk et al. is for a claim against the Police Department ans several policemen. The exact nature of the claim is not given.

More disturbing is the $100.000.00 settlement to Paulette Brown for "violation of her civil rights and false arrest. The defendants (all city) were the City, The Municipal Court, and again the police department. The incident took place "on or about 11/12/2006". Once again the re is no indication of the exact nature of the "injury" suffered by Brown that led to such a big settlement.
It would be of interest to know the number of suits filed again st the city to date this year (2011) and the total cost to the taxpayers this year. Undoubtedly the police division will be the defendant in the majority of cases . This is in part due to the nature of their duties, but perhaps it may be how they are handled.

Where there are lawyers who can receive a fee there will be suits justified ore not. However has a study been done to determine if there is a pattern. If so, what corrective action, if needed,has been taken.

R402-11 a change order to Whitman Co. for additional site investigation services for an additional $2,260.00. I believe $17,739.00 was allocated for clean up of what was private property including a gasoline station. The Vogue Cleaners plant may also have been on that site.

R403-11 creates an "Economic Development and Enterprise Trust Fund" for 5 projects totaling about $1,506,203.00. Included in that is $ 800,000 for the CCTV program. If as in R404-11 where $ 200,000.00 is requested to fund the constructive phase and upgrade the 911 calling center to a "Command Center". that will not last long. Actually the synopsis is misleading since the back up material states it is for publishing specifications for the submission of bids." I also think I remeber a previous allocation of funds for this project. It is only money.

Shame Shame Shame as TV5 would say. R397-11 is a resolution to amend R 362-11 which authorizes to Remington & Vernick $80,000.00 for professional services in the planning of the 3rd phase of the Watchung Ave reconstruction from Leland Ave to Hillside Ave. The shame is that 362-11 misidentified the project as being from 7th Street to Kensington Ave. 9 members of the Council never caught the error . I am sure that they all read the resolutions before voting.

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