Tuesday, November 22, 2011


An explanation for the two resolutions approving of payment of $30,000.00 and $100,000.00 was given by Corporation Counsel. The lesser amount was related but details not given to a police action in the MRHC emergency center.

The $100,000.00 was recommended settlement before any court action for an 2006 arrest in Fanwood and the holding of the Plaintiff in jail for over 30 minutes after a traffic violation stop due to tan outstanding “bench warrant “ from 2001 . The Plaintiff claimed having no knowledge of the warrant and there was enough evidence that the entire issue had been mishandled from the start. The case was further compromised by remarks made by individuals no longer in the city employee.

It was felt that in case of a trial the City’s financial exposure would be many times greater.

In neither case was any explanation given as to remedial action. When asked if the payments were covered by insurance; Williamson replied that the funds did not come out of the Corporation Counsel’s account and were handled by Inservco Insurance Service the city’s claims service administrator. Since the City is self insured the gist of the question was not answered.

With the approval of Berry as City Administrator to start Nov. 28, all top administrative positions will be filled. Along with the presence of a CFO Plainfield has reached an unusual state of a fully operative administration status. Mr. Jackson the Director of PW etc. seems to bring as long needed professional pr essence in that department.

In response to when the 4th quarter Tax statements would be mailed the answer was beginning next week. They had to wait for approval of the 2011 Interim fiscal budget.

Let us hope that the 2012 budget will be presented without undue delay.

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