Friday, October 14, 2011


Like our weather different artists can portray similar subjects either as a tranquil object or an expression of hectic action. I would suggest that you click on the text segments and enlarge them as they make the most interesting reading.
The Musicale, Barber Shop, Trenton Falls NY (Thomas Hicks-1866)

If you click on the print image you can enlarge it in order to read.

The Philhamornica (Vienna) Max Oppenheimer (1855-1954) painted in stages 1926-1952-3 panels

If you are unable to enlarge the text im ages, of in terest in the "Musicale" poainted in 1866 is the mixture of races both performers and audience. Note that the central figure in the composition is a black man. Even in the North that was unusual for the times.

The Philhamornica was paintd over a period of years and the the central figure is Gustav Mahler conducting his Symphony #1 in D Major. The painting was done over years and was in part a reworking of an earlier painting. Oppenheimer had to flee Europe during the Hitler years and returned to Vienna where he finished this large painting after the end of WWII.

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