Friday, October 14, 2011


A little more than 2 weeks before elections. This has been a very quiet pre-election campaign to date. That is because of the voter population involved locally, with the exception of the Freeholder races there is unfortunately truly no contests.
The 22nd Legislature district was made a safe Democratic district in 2001. That was the result of the gerrymandering when the lines were redrawn.  According to Wikipedia:
“In the 2001 redistricting following the 2000 United States Census, several of the suburban, Republican-leaning municipalities in the district were replaced by Linden, Plainfield and Rahway, which gave the district a distinct Democratic tilt. Bagger and Kean were relocated to the 21st District and the three legislative seats were taken by Democrats Joseph Suliga in the Senate and Jerry Green and Linda Stender in the Assembly.

The district has the 8th highest percentage of African American residents of all 40 districts statewide. The municipal tax rate is 11th highest and school taxes are 12th highest leading to one of the highest overall tax rates, after including rebates, which was the 7th highest in the state. Registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by a 5-2 margin.”[

With only Greenbrook having a substantial Republican registration the only chance of change lies in the involvement of the large numbers of Independent voters; those who never declared a party affiliation.

 Don't forget Special Council Meeting Wednesday 19th at 8pm City Hall. Will there be a open session? Most likely NO.
There may be more items added in the final notice.

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  1. Pat Turner KavanaughOctober 14, 2011 at 11:28 AM

    Old Doc: some time before the Council set this special meeting, the League of Women Voters scheduled and announced its annual forum for City Council candidates in the Second Ward, and all Freeholder candidates. This starts at 6:30 p.m. in the Public Library. Please try to attend at least some of it.