Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Congratulations for all who aided in the apprehension of the alleged shooter in  Saturday's murder. Previous  reports noted that there were up to three involved  participants. Certainly at least one more driving a get-away car. They too should be tried for first degree murder and  all given the maximum sentence.

Once again the ShotSpotter is a gadget that would not have prevented this tragedy. I am sure that there must have been public participation and they must be protected. That will be the ultimate weapon against our criminal gangs. All resources, including more police presence and use of ancillary police  in non critical areas so that resources can be better allocated is a major answer. Eliminate fear is the only way to restore a safe community.

There has been calls for a return of the death penalty. If we could be certain that innocent individuals are not wrongly executed I for one am for it. However, in the past there have been too many instances where pertinent evidence that would exonerate a defendant has been hidden by prosecutors or police looking for a great track record. Or, court appointed attorneys have not done their sworn duty  in defending the accused. Humans being what they are we need a fool proof  system of obtaining convictions.

I would suggest that anyone who wilfully  withholds or  alters evidence be subject to criminal judicial action with severe jail penalties if convicted. Likewise anyone who provides false information should also be criminally prosecuted.

For those that believe that the polygraph lie test is infallible they are wrong. There are various drugs that can prevent the emotional responses that is the basis of  the polygraph evidence. Too easy to obtain and use..

2- Just some random comments on the weekend's  Hispanic/American Festival. This is a progressive improvement on  municipal activities.. It may well be something that should be an annual event which would restore interest in Plainfield as a community. In the 50s and 60s Plainfield's outdoor art show was a major attraction in the east for  top notch artists  and drew  large crowds and profitable sales.Many of the exhibitors equated it with the New York City  down town shows.

Similarly, Plainfield's  4th of July parade was one of the premier ones in the metropolitan area. It too has lost its luster and it is time for some other type of celebration .

Since the "Festival" features rides and  food vendors, what precautionary measures does the city take to in sure the public.s safety?


  1. Private enterprise always will do a better job at running any event. They have a vested interest in it's success and growth. To a government employee, it's simply another burden on their already full plate.

  2. Old Doc, great Freudian slip:
    They too 'SHOOT'(sic) be tried for first degree murder and all given the maximum sentence.

  3. Rob, 'always', should the government hire mercenaries instead of training citizens? Rome ran into this problem.

  4. Nat, once again I shall blame the programs auto edditor that has a mind of its own. Thanks I have corrected the error.

  5. Nat... I was referring to events: Art Show etc...Government, Law Enforcement, Judicial Services are best served by the a governmental body etc..
    I may be a conservative on certain issues, but even I know that government has it's place as well as private enterprise.
    Events: Private enterprise. Again, they have innovation, vested interest and their concern is the success of the event...not who is in charge of what party in their office. Look at the Art Festival for a perfect example of the slow choking effect of the City running it....it's a dying event.

  6. Rob the issue I have is the use of the word 'always' as it defines a absolute and as you know I am always right.

  7. If we have a death penalty it should require public executions which are more in line with history and more likely to have an impact on the public.

    Pay Per View could generate revenue to compensate victims and pay some of the costs of trials and convictions.

    Even state sponsored brutality should not be a wasted resource.

  8. "If we have a death penalty it should require public executions which are more in line with history and more likely to have an impact on the public."

    History has shown the impact of public executions; many were treated like family outings with many bringing their food and drink to watch the "show". Thus, Pay-per-View would only cut down on the traffic.