Sunday, July 3, 2011


This past Thursday, June 30 I read in Plaintalker II about a Town Hall Meeting that evening sponsored by the Mayor. Since there were 10 items to be discussed in the  2 hours allotted  I rushed through an early dinner and arrived at the Washington Community School 10 minute past the schedules time only to find about 50 individuals milling about. At  about 7 pm the Mayor made a brief presentation noting that the power-point slides were to complement the various department heads' reports.

Grants:  The Mayor announced a possible 250K grant for the police division. However it must be used for equipment etc, not for extra patrolmen. Obvious she is going to pitch her ShotSpotter infatuation. This is a grant that we could either do without or find better use for it. How about sub-stations if presence is important. But then again we need the numbers. Major crime in Plainfield is not a  4th Ward monopoly.

Street Repairs: The "City Engineer",actually an employee s of Remington and Vernick, Briefly reported that the Roosevelt Ave resurfacing project is imminent, the South Ave is on the Boards. The second phase of the Watchung Ave repavement is in the planning stages for later this year. If tradition follows it will be from Woodland  south to the part repaved a year ago. Meanwhile the stretch from Woodland to Leland which is a disaster zone will have to wait. Since this administration long ago  dumped the 2005 six year master plan why can't they focus on the worst streets. South Ave and Roosevelt do fit the criteria but South Ave is part of the State Highway system. Has the City been aggressive enough in trying to abrogate the 50 year old agreement  that resulted in Plainfield assuming responsibility fro the Highway from Fanwood to Plainfiueld Ave?  They can't find the agreement.

Calendar Year Adjustments: Long overdue, finally the appointment of a real CFO has resulted in action.

Recreation Activities: Just numbers David Wynn could not make the meeting. whats new?

Economic Development:  Nothing specific

Rutgers School of Business Presentation: I left before this report. maybe Bernice has more to say. I believe that this is a study that had nothing to do with the Plainfield Vision study and report.

Shared Services with Plainfield Public School System:  The mayor thank the BOE/PSD for permitting the use of  Washington School. I thought that that building was supposed to be a "Community Center". Although the property of the School District don't we taxpayers pay taxes directed to the Schools? It should be a given that the City can use School facilities when needed not as a "gift" from BOE/PSD.

Plainfield Housing Authority:: The plans were a subject of a recent Council meeting. Nothing new.

:Muhlenberg CAG:  Corporation" Counsel Williamson gave a brief report that there will be a meeting open to the public but deferred  any  comments until later in the meeting when POP/Restore Muhlenberg Coalition who had a schedule meeting could be present. I did not stay for it.

Armory: The Mayor promised a "blockbuster" (my words) report for the July Council meeting which would seal the need to act on the State's offer.  No hint if anything new.

This " COMMUNITY FORUM" was  a failure that was not  publicised enough to have an audience.  The material presented Advertised was insignificant. The  Lee Place Brownfield Study and The Rutgers Report were out of the blue. and too late for holding interest in the meeting.


  1. I wonder why our mayor is holding street repairs hostage or is she is using this, once again, as an election ploy. Fifth from Plainfield Ave. to it's end at South Ave. is to be ashamed of and is dangerous. Too bad our mayor can't get her priorities beyond getting elected and her personal needs.

  2. Regarding the use of the community schools, there is a cost associated with having district staff on hand for these occasions and I am told Business Administrator Gary Ottmann has informed the LWV that a fee must now be charged for use of a school facility. Maybe the mayor is thanking the district for getting the fee waived.

  3. Bernice, I would expect the "city" to pick up the costs for using the facility. That could be met by either through the BOE budget or through the municipal budget. I would also expect that any third party using the Community Schools would have to pay a cost covering fee.