Thursday, June 9, 2011


I am still delaying any in depth blog on several subjects:
  1. The first will be on Tuesday night's Special Council Meeting which I shall be unable to attend. I am pleased that even though there has been a month delay in scheduling the resolutions and ordinance to change the city's fiscal year this long overdue action is taking place.
  2. Both Thursday's Star Ledger and the New York Times had first page lead articles on proposed changes in state retirement plans dealing respectively with New Jersey and New York. Included was noted union opposition.
  3. Assemblyman Green's Thursday post in his blog congratulating the winners in Plainfield. Unfortunately he again turns his "thoughts" to attacks on Councilor Storch and in at least two separate places calls attention by indirect reference to an other blogger's supposed problem. I wrote "supposed" because until I read Green's blog I had no inkling that there could be any incident. Oh well that person is only an "Ersatz Green Republican" according to recent flies and postings and can not be a disgrace to the local PDC.

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