Monday, June 27, 2011


My post for today  is long but please read and comment. But start on a light note.

The world must be coming to its end.Of my two "twin" cats the Mick  has never been know to not insist by at least 30 minutes that it was eating time..Tonight,a c at was bothering me so much that I decided to feed them. Usually all I have to do is go to the pantry and get  a can. Before I can open it both are under my feet  Tonight  only one cat was there  and I had to figure the absent one was  Mack  who gets himself locked out in the garage or on the porch.

The two cats  are so much alike that from the time they were kittens we could only tell them by their color coded collars or by personality. Mack has never met a human he did not like.  He is also aggressive and has assumed the top cat role. And he will jump into the lap to be held.  When I doubled checked it was Mack who was chowing away. For the first time in 14 years Mick was sound asleep on the love seat in the den, And he showed no desire to eat until I carried him,the one that does not like to be held,  into the kitchen. And then he begged for a pounce before he would eat!

Should I call the Vet?


  1. Maybe he was just being stubborn. Cat's do tend to act like their owners.

    Keep an eye on Mick for any other changes.

  2. 9:30 am, Correction, Cats do not have "owners"; they have "their personal human"

  3. Hi Doc --

    I have three cats now -- Blackie, Tiger and Bandit.

    I feed the three of them 2 cans of "wet" food split between them in the morning and evening. I call, they come running for that food. They have 2 kinds of dry food out all the time (so no one is starving).

    Tiger is always ready to eat wet food. If I'm in the kitchen, he's there, hopeful.

    Bandit sometimes won't eat the wet food. I rotate between different flavors. LOL -- Tiger is happy to eat Bandit's food.

    I let the cats out for a few hours during the day when I'm home. They are very unusual cats -- I call them, they all come running -- whether they are inside or outside. Of course, I always reward them with food or cat treats (they all sit in a row, and get their treat -- I've taught Bandit to "sit up" for his treat).

    They are so much fun! I've missed having animals. When I was younger my mom and I owned a small horse farm -- we had several dogs, cats and lots of horses (we gave riding lessons). For 4 years of my life I ran our saddlery and horse farm full time, it was a wonderful lifestyle.

    Maybe your kitty is not as hungry right now with the heat? Like us humans, sometimes just not in the mood for food. But, like 9:30am said -- I'd watch him.

  4. As far as the holding and carrying of him, he may be mellowing with age. Do watch his eating habits, though. If he's just being a bit persnickety, that's one thing. But if he's seriously not eating, eating too much, not drinking or drinking too much, you should get him off to the vet. Older cats often show first signs of illnesses by eating too little or too much.

  5. Unfortunately our pets can't talk to us, but eating habits are one of the clearest indications of their well being.

    That being said, for one meal I wouldn't rush to the vet (unless you have money to burn), but if this change in behavior persists for more than 2 days definitely take him in.

    Hopefully he just found a mouse to eat or something and he was just full and it's not indicative of something more distressing.

  6. How are the cats doing?

  7. Thank you all for your concern. I knew Mick's lasp was an abberation. Both cats are beig normally obnoxous and letting me know well ahead of time when their next meal is due.

    Mack thinks he is a blogger too, but his spelling is no better than mine. Micks concerns with my computer rest soley in the chair which he consider his. He says so when there is a con flict with his sleep habits and my need to use the computer.

    Although 14 years old they had a long overdue vet check up about 6 weeks ago with needed shots. No problem except Mick's arthritis. Two pounces for each repaired any break in friendship.