Saturday, December 18, 2010


If something new turns up pertaining to the ""City Administrator imbroglio" after I have posted today's blog I shall post an addendum. I will like most of us have to wait for the media or the well informed insider to publish.

Somewhere I read that The Plainfield Democrat Committee will meet @7PM Monday to select a slate of three individuals that will be presented to the Council for the selection of the temporary successor to our new Freeholder Linda Carter. The person will hold office until the next general election. Since the Committee is composed of two factions perhaps they can arrive at 3 or even 2 candidates with a broad enough understanding of community affairs who would be acceptable to the Council membership. WE don't need a"he is a jolly good fellow team player" type but one who is cognisant in worldly affairs on the Council.

It is unfortunate that the Committee is meeting just 1 hour before the Council's meting as that
may limited those Councilors who are also City committeemen limited time at the party meeting.

If t he process is to work as conceived, the Council will have time to interview and choose the one they wish to represent Wards 1&4.

I had a chance to briefly review the Agenda and hope to spend some time rereading the actual resolutions Monday at the Library.

At present there are several items on the Consent agenda which is approved by a single vote. Some i feel do not belong there and should be voted on independently, by role call if appropriate.
One is a Resolution Honouring Laddie Wyatt the newly retired City Clerk. She does not deserve to be dumped in with "routine business". I am sure that this is an oversight.

Another is a Resolution overriding the Mayor's Veto of MC 2010-28 which needs 5 yea votes.

Not on the Consent Agenda is Resolution 437-10 which is improperly described as " Authorizing approval to execute the Fourth Amendment to the 2007 memorandum of agreement between the City of Plainfield and UMDNJ'S Lattimmore Clinic for the Diagnosis,Treatment and Case management of Tuberculosis for Residents-- in an amount not to exceed $25,000.00.

In the first place the "agreement is not by Plainfield with UMDNJ but rather by the County who then apportions out the cost to the various municipalities by some formula. Westfield is on the hook for $350.00.

The Council should kn ow how many Plainfielders are serviced by the agreement and if the same services are not paid for by Medicaid or Medicare.

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