Thursday, December 16, 2010


 For those who do not read all the blogs I am posting the statement of Council President Annie McWilliams.
I concur and support her  statement and the anticipated Council action. The loss of City Administrator Taylor at this time would be catastrophic.

On the Removal of the City Administrator
As has been widely reported, a letter from the Mayor was filed with the Clerk's office shortly before 5:00 pm yesterday advising City Administrator Bibi Taylor of her separation of employment with the City of Plainfield.

The Council's main concern is the efficient and uninterrupted management of Plainfield. The City Administrator is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the City. Considering that the recent resignation of the Director of Public Works & Urban Development has left that role vacant and bearing in mind that the recently appointed Director of Administration & Finance and Certified Financial Officer are new in their roles, the City's management team is not yet positioned to run effectively. Furthermore, we have not yet adopted the budget and have relied heavily on the City Administrator's office in moving through this crucial process.

Plainfield needs now, more than ever, consistent and stable management. And we have always deserved the best. Mrs. Taylor has proven to be a true professional, very knowledgeable and thorough. To lose her at all, especially at this time, does not seem to be in the best interest of the City. However, this position is a Mayoral appointment. Understanding that, the Council has invited the Mayor to explain her decision and provide us with a plan of action. We need to understand why this action was taken and how the Mayor plans to meet the needs of residents without Mrs. Taylor as City Administrator. Based on the outcome of that discussion, the Council may consider a resolution disapproving of the Mayor's decision. If that resolution passes with 2/3 majority (5 or 7 Councilors), then Mrs. Taylor will be reinstated as City Administrator.

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