Thursday, July 29, 2010


The Council has taken a lesson from the BOE. The Special meeting did start about 8:10 Pm but immediately the Council went into executive session which lasted until 9"49 PM. Thus the public business of the evening was delayed 1hour and 50 minutes.

One can not blame the Council entirely for the delay. OF the two item s on the agenda the one asking for Consent and Advice for appointment of a Director of Administration and Finance was submitted without a name. Explanation," an offer has been made but the person has not responded". Not good enough. If this is supposedly a local person, that individual has been around all the months and no position appointee was suggested gives the impression that her Honor is still trying to flim flam the Council and all the taxpayers of Plaimfield'

The Candidate for CFO was late on arrival so his interview was delayed. By rumor there was a significant question about Mr. William I Scherer's qualification. He has had his certificate f or several years but has not even served one day as a CFO. Supposedly he has been a Councilman and Mayor in Manalapan NJ. and also runs a DMV agency. what other municipal, state, or political experience he has had remains a mystery since his CV was not shared with the public at the meeting. I would hope that it is available in the Clerks office or Library.

Since Councilwoman Carter was not present I am guessing the the opinion voiced in the closed meeting was split 3:3. When the Special Meeting reconvened the motion to approve Schere was tabled indefinitely pending more information.

Although a tabling motion is an action, when asked what the effect on the resolution to request help from the state would be,I understood the Council President to remark that the Council was prepared to sent that request that night.

As a concerned but not crotchety elderly citizen, I hope that the Council does do what should be done, ask for help.

If in 3rd person information that I received about the candidate is true then Council must not even give him a second thought. Plainfield dos not need to be a training ground for a political hiring.


  1. You mentioned a 3-3 split, with Carter being the swing vote. I am assuming you mean that Storch, McWilliams and Mapp would vote no and Burney, Reid and Rivers would vote yes. From what I have been told, Scherer has never managed a municipal budget and has never served as a CFO. He merely got the certification a couple of decades ago when there was no rigor attached to getting the cert. So why would anyone vote yes on a man with absolutely no experience to take over such a job? Certainly Burney will vote no, he knows we cannot have such a person running the finances of the city. It would be irresponsible for him to vote yes on this, and as a neighbor of his and friend from Netherwood Heights, I know that he will vote no.

  2. 9:29 AM, I would hope you are right, but if there were a 4:2 vote I would have expected the matter would have been decided then and there. However, the truth is of course that even a 3:3 vote would defeat the resolution since it did not pass b a majority.