Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The web is not the only focus of heat these days, in fact with yesterday's 90+% day this July is almost a cinch to be the hottest month on record. Perhaps it is that heat which has limited much discussion on the web. But tonight there is a Special Council meeting to vote on a CFO and a Director of Administration and Finances. Both positions have been vacant too long.

There is also a Special Meeting of the BOE tonight. Once again the subject is not published yet if their is action may have a significant impact on this city..

Both Roberts and Sturgis document that the call for a Special Meeting must specifically state what items are to be discussed and if there will be any vote. Nothing not stated in the meetings call can be added to the agenda after it is legally posted. If the Special meeting is obligatory so that the body can withdraw into closed session, the subject matter must still be noted, although certain specifics can be omitted.

I have noted that none of the BOE special meetings ever contain that essential information.

More about meetings:
One of complaints about the BOE meetings is the size of the posted agenda often running to 40+ pages compared to the Council's 8 page agenda. This is because each organization has a legitimate concept of what the agenda should contain.

Both the Council's posted and printed agenda presents the Resolutions and Ordinances in summary form. To read the resolution etc. as written one has to go to the Clerks Office or the Library. Alternatively Everything is available in a volume at the Business meeting. This "book" has the printed agenda followed by pages in order of the text of each Ordinance or Resolution. Thus one can read only those that are of interest.

The Board of Education's agenda contains the complete wording of each item to be voted upon, and each the order of business that it will come up.Not only is there a problem in having to read everything, to find the actions of interest but everything starts out with paragraphs of boilerplate which for the most part is unnecessary.

There is pluses in either format. All information is available on the web in the BOE Agenda. One has to go to a not readily available "book" for the wording of Resolutions and Ordinances to be acted upon at the Council meeting.

If the Council would PDF the "book" for the City site it would be doing the public a service.

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