Friday, March 27, 2009

My Opinion

As usual I have read Councilor Burney's blog with interest and appreciation for most of his efforts to involve the public in the affairs of this city.

However, I am troubled by his apparent downgrading the Public's input at the comment portion restricted to 30 minutes at the end of the Council's sessions, or at the Business Meeting to a short period just before resolutions and ordinances are up for vote. I can not remember when any of those comments changed the Councilors' preconceived position. To quote;"The role of citizens into key decision of the City has to be increased and nurtured. It has to be taken from the public comment section, to active participation."

To often I have the feeling that the commentators are just being tolerated. Moreover, with the new schedule of 50% less meetings and no change in the public's participation time allotment, citizen's input has been cut in half.

A mechanism must be found where a citizen can be able to ask for clarification to an answer to an asked question. At present and for reasons to prevent a donnybrook, after ending his initial remarks he is muzzled.

Another place where public participation could be(edited 12 noon) effective is at the agenda setting session where there is no possibility for public input prior to Council action.

Finally, I know that often to get the best people active in a public field is to ask them to serve. Some individuals are too shy to volunteer but would be thrilled to be asked. they could be your most valuable "committee members".

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  1. Burney seems to be at war with himself. You rightly mention that he seems genuinely committed to involving citizens and yet he also wants to limit meeting times and limit public comment time. Hypocritical?