Wednesday, March 25, 2009


A correction of minor misinformation in the Petra blog #1. The dessert between Aquaba and Petra was not the sole site of Lawrence's campaign. That started with the capture of the port of Aqaba and ended with the capture of Damascus in what is now Syria. Most of his fighting was of guerrilla nature and was hit and run tactics especially along the railroad. The scene depicted was actually the dessert site where the movie " Lawrence of Arabia was shot"

If you click on the last photo to enlarge it, you will notice in the background the first sight of the "Treasury" as the riders exit the Siq.

Later today I will write my impressions of last night's "Mayor's Forum". However, until Monday we will have three generations of our family visiting and I may not have time to prepare any commentaries. I will post more pictures from the "Rose City".

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