Monday, December 8, 2008


What's up; Councilor Burney in his Dec. 7 Blog mentions a Council meeting tonight. Monday at 7:30 PM, when reports pertaining to the budget and adjustments will be received and acted upon.

Since with advancing tears I often forget where I placed my cell phone. I looked on the City's information page (9:30 AM,8/12/08) and found no calender entry about a meeting today nor any mention of a special budget action meeting for 7PM on the 15th, and Budget approval meeting on the 22nd also scheduled for 7PM.

I do not believe that I am having auditory hallucinations , but I am 100% sure that at the previous agenda setting session or less likely the last regular meeting in November Counclman Burney asked and receive approval for those meeting dates and times.

Since I trust Councilor Burney and the information that he posts, I shall attend tonight's meeting, although I am not sure what the subject matter or focus will be. The other readable report states that this is the agenda setting session for the Jan. 1(?) reorganization meeting.

Perhaps we can find out who is responsible for the information posted on the city site. Agenda's rarely if ever appear prior to a meeting, certainly not in the supposedly availability time slot. Is keeping that web site up to date an individual's responsibility, who oversees that person? Is this a volunteer job,or is part of a job description? If so who has that responsibility and what is the compensation. As a Tax payer I would like to know whether my dollars are being properly employed.

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