Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So Bernice has a cat! There is an axiom that that is inviolable: One can have a dog as a pet,BUT A CAT HAS YOU AS ITS MINION.

Fortunately there are some advantages over having a puppy/dog. The most important one is that you don't have to get up In the middle of the night to walk the cat. Cats almost from day one learn where the litter box is and use it. Of course the dirt in flower pots may be used as a substitute. Dogs have to be trained to go outdoors and with the decreasing size of newspapers that may be a problem.

Cleaning a litter box once a day beats walking a dog in all kinds of weather, while carrying plastic bags for picking up the poop.

Dogs are outwardly more affectionate than cats. They seek your approval and respond joyously when called. They learn, unless it is a personal emergency , not to bother you when you are busy. Dogs react to verbal command and appreciate your approval. They will always greet you when you return home some times too enthusiastically.

Cats are very subtle in expressing their affection, dogs do not disguise it

Cats may not outwardly show affection for you, but they make it their business to follow you around the house, enjoy being in the bathroom with you-especially between your legs, rub against you and even wait at the door if you are absent for a period of time. They may or may not try to sleep on your bed, but do not hesitate to walk over you.

Cats also require affection but the prefer to set the time and place. Cats will demand it when you are busy with some thing important. They walk on the keyboard to annoy you when you are using the computer. If you are playing cards, the cat will insist on stretching out in the middle of the table.

Some will jump onto your lap if and when you are paying no attention to them. Others hate to be picked up and held. They are very independent and hate to show that they miss you- but they do. They will remind you when its meal time and give you no peace if you are late. Above all cats are perpetual 2 year olds. The word no does not exists and they are persistent in following their one track mind.

.Cats can be left alone for a day or two with enough water and food, even longer if some one will come in a give them food and clean the litter box. Cats will use their litter box, and be happy to see you, when you return. Try leaving a dog for 24 hours alone in the house. But the cat can also be vindictive, if they are angry at you they will get even. My granddaughter had a cat that if she was left alone for more than a day would urinate on her bed.

Punishment has no impact. However, every cat has a great personality that is unique for that animal. Enjoy them. And every day is something new. Tabby from his picture is a sweet cat.


  1. Poor Trixie ... it's not nice to speak ill of the dead. Love.

  2. How on track you are about the cats.You treally shouldn't speak ill of tghe dead. Love

  3. I was surprised to read over the past few days within the Courier News the misinformation dealing with the committee put together to oversee the budget. What it actually did however, was show to the public that Councilman Rashid Burney is not a part of the negative group of people who constantly embarrass the city with their negative approach to government.

    In the report issued by this oversight committee, there was not one solution offered to the problems mentioned. The council does not run the Board of Education. I am happy to see that Councilman Burney, who is a straight arrow, has chose not to get involved with belligerent politics. I watched how he and Assemblyman Jerry Green worked diligently on behalf of Presidential Elect Barack Obama’s campaign. This relationship looks and acts in genuine sincerity in its approach to move this city into the right direction.

    Unfortunately, positive and production relationship building spurns negativity in those involved in the debilitating politico that takes advantage of the city of Plainfield repeatedly. I’ve been waiting for another productive relationship between our elected officials to come about, and at the first of the year, I hope and pray that the Green/Burney team will be perceived in a positive light, with their above-mentioned fruits as evidence of their commitment to positive change. This truthful and honest deduction of community efforts should not be slanted, as Dan Damon and others have tirelessly tried to degrade and put a negative spin on the Green/Robinson team. How can one protest the productive working relationships between a State Legislator and the municipal officials wherein he lives?

    In closing, I would just like to again, say thank you to Councilman Rashid Burney, and congratulations in doing such a great job in persevering in a city where negativity from an out-of-touch faction still haunts us every now and then. Don’t let this handful of disconnected people thwart your efforts, passions, or integrity as President of City Council.

    You have done more than your job description outlines, which is why the respect from the people in the city you have earned, is etched in marble. I am proud to be a support of yours!