Wednesday, December 7, 2011


It seems inconceivable that it has been 70 years since Pearl Harbor. the day America forever lost its innocence.

Helen and I had been married for exactly one month on that Sunday afternoon when the radio broadcasts were interrupted with the news of the Japanese attack.

We all knew that it was just a matter of time before the United States would become actively and belatedly involved in the war in Europe, but to be disastrously attacked by the Japanese was incomprehensible.

Our lives and that of all Americans were forever altered. That day marked the beginning of Woman's emancipation. Yes they had already gained the right of the vote but the war effort freed them from a life limited to being a housewife and mother.All the world besides teaching and nursing became open to them. The process was slow and gradual but today women are heads of major companies . political leaders and astronauts. Only a few bigots deny their equality with men in our world.

It has been so long ago that there are those who have no recollection of events and were not even born deny the horrors of the genocides that occurred in Europe and Asia; claiming that they are just fabrications. Unfortunately there are also too many in a new generation who believe those hate mongers.


  1. WOW, This is one of your best post yet. I received a reality check reading this post. It's the little things that you have said in this post helps us all.


  2. The genocides worldwide! The Japanese acted every bit as reprehensible as the Germans.

    I had many relatives in both theaters!

    We have fought for this country in every war and conflict since the Revolution and every war on this continent since King Phillips War where we had combatants on both sides!
    I have great respect for this country and all who have helped to form and preserve it!

  3. I agree, Doc, that this is a wonderful post and remembrance. I truly appreciate your blog. If possible, I would love to read one of your stories of serving in the war at holiday time.


  4. I am in my early 70s and I do remember faintly my mother's reaction when the news came on the radio.(I was a mere child at the time). I also remember the air raid drills and we had to turn off all lights when the sirens sounded. My father was an Air Raid warden for the neighborhood.

  5. The first time I watched the movie Pearl Harbor I was in tear's for days. I would sure love to hear more stories. I'm going to the library today educate myself more on Pearl Harbor.

    Do anyone know the name of the other movie that shows the series of events that lead to the war. Someone said is called TORA is that true?

    Thanks Doc


  6. Renee, I believe the movie is called "Tora Tora".

    Much more is written about the war in Europe but I think that the war against the Japanese was bloodier. Much of the early fighting was in jungle once the troops were able to establish a beachhead. There were many miniature "D Days" or "Normandies" in the war in the far east. I would have hated to have been involved in a beachhead landing.

  7. actually Doc it's called, "Tora, Tora, Tora"
    Great post....WWII history buff here. The number of events that played out to end up with us defeating the AXIS powers would be difficult to reproduce today with the way our people's and government twist their hands together with indecisiveness.

  8. Doc, Rob thanks very much for your help.