Wednesday, May 11, 2011


For a change I am taking a short sabbatical from reports relating to Monday night's Council meeting. Since this was written Wednesday night,  I shall later today comment on Wednesday's 4th Ward's Town Hall meeting,

It is my policy and I believe that of the three or four agenda-less bloggers to post all comments we receive , complimentary or derogatory, unless they exceed limits of decency.  I was going to use the term "unbiased bloggers" but I am sure some will question that and perhaps with reason since even we bloggers are human, However, I can assure my readers that I try not to slant any of my posts by the use of selected material that would make one side look better than the other,

With that in mind I am going to reprint the first part of a comment posted in Tuesday's blog from an anonymous reader who apparently sent a similar document to Plainfield Today.  :" I just find it so hard to believe that you have to always bash the Mayor of this great city of Plainfield. When are you going to get out there and help with the real issues in Plainfield and that is the CRIME"

If I am "always bashing  the Mayor"  perhaps it is because she merits  negativity. We have  had 6 years of  an administration that has felt it advantageous to leave critical administrative positions  vacant. A Mayor who has prolonged Commissioners terms in office  by not recommending the for another term or proposing their successors. An administration that has more than once openly defended employees defying Council's requests for an appearance. An administration that has never reached out to the Council except in a autocratic manner. 

I f that anonymous person would go back over the few years of my blog or attended Council meetings he/she would  no know that I have not spared the Council and various individual members from criticism whether it be due to its action or more likely inaction. I still feel that the present one monthly business meeting is not conducive to the best governance in Plainfield.

Anonymous, "CRIME" is only one of the major issues in Plainfield, however in the 4th Ward it has created a state of anarchy. There are so many others  especially economic ones with probably not the best expenditures of our tax dollars. The firing of the Police Chief Santiago several years ago not only eliminated   a Hispanic from an most important Community post but left an ethnic group without a voice in Plainfield's government.

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  1. It is the right of the citizens to question the leadership.