Monday, April 18, 2011


From the ridiculous to the sublime.
Monday April 18 is according to the morning news broadcasters either  or both "Nation al Anti-Stress Day" or/and "National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day". It is also TAX DAY.

In the evening marks the start of the first day of Passover marked by the Jews with the first nights Seder Meal and with the more observant tomorrow night  the Second Seder will be celebrated. Traditionally the first night's Seder is a family holiday whereas in the Reformed and Conservative movements the Second Night is often a Communal Service.

At this same time, Christians are observing Holy Week. Which brings up the question; "Why are so many of the most devoted the least tolerant of others"?

Passover  should be respected by all. If it were not for the Exodus; Moses would not gave ascended the Mount and received the Ten Commandments. If God had not made the Covenant with the Israelites over the centuries Monotheism as we know it would never have evolved. The various interpretation of their religion among the Jews as later among Christians would not have existed. Nor would there have been those that listened to Jesus of Nazareth rather than the established cults  and spread his teachings.

This is the time when we should sit back and reflect on why we should respect the beliefs of all that do not worship exactly as we do. All religions preach "Love thy brother" but do we? 

If one can not honestly answer that question in the positive, then is not the professing of devotion a hypocrisy?


  1. "Why are so many of the most devoted the least tolerant of others"?

    Just wondering if you implying that Jews and Christians intolerant?

  2. Thank you, Doc. My sentiments exactly.

  3. 10:57, Not an implication unfortunately. There are both Jews and Christians that lack tolerance not only for other religions but also for different interpretations of
    their own. Among Muslims there is the conflict between Shi'a and Sunni cults.

  4. Hey, Doc,

    Best wishes at Passover. Mutual respect among those of differing religious faiths is needed, but often difficult to engender. My best friend for over 25 years is Muslim, and I am Christian. When we observe holidays, we honor various faith traditions and accept and respect them all.


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  6. Guess the truth hurts Doc. I'll visit your site at the start of Ramadan and see if the Muslim religion will receive the same "respect" you have shown for Christian and Jews today at the start of their religious holidays.

    You should stick to your fights with Jerry Green instead of stirring up religious hate as you have done today.

  7. There are several comments that i have not posted because they are implying that ALL Muslims are intolerant of Christians and Jews etc. That is false Historically until the advent of the Taliban, Hamas and the terrorist groups Islam respected the practice of all religions even during the Crusades.

    But intolerance is not restricted to religions and can be aimed at any ethnic group.

  8. 12;34 I wrote my previous comment before i saw yours which I did post'

    How do you read in to my blog a stirring up of hatred? I am convinced that it is only those who have it in their heart would react as you did, but as long as you are anonymous you can feel smug about your commentary.

  9. Yet you say: "Why are so many of the most devoted the least tolerant of others"

    What does "so many" mean? A lot of would imagine.

    Whatever your reasons for singling out Jews and Christians today, it is SOME Muslims that are the leading terrorists of today, whatever some means.

  10. 1:01pm; My comments refering to Jews and Christians were a result of the fcat that this is "Holy Week" and also "Passover". If I need to write another blog about religious hatred I will do so, but be assured that it is not restricted to anti-semitism

  11. 1:01pm; My comments referring to Jews and Christians were a result of the fcat that this is "Holy Week" and also "Passover". If I need to write another blog about religious hatred I will do so, but be assured that it is not restricted to anti-semitism

    "So many" are more than a handful", "some" would imply not a majority.

    April 18, 2011 1:08 PM

  12. Fear is why some of the most "devoted" are the most intolerant.
    I am from a family that has a Catholic father with a Methodist mother...we were forced to be Catholics due to some of their archaic practices and proudly state that I am a Catholic. I was raised to respect my mother and her families religion as well as other religions..I find the differences and similarities amongst the religions very interesting.
    I watch Christian TV this weekend just to see some of the Hollywood versions of the biblical tales...I love this time of year.
    May your Passover be a pleasant one Doc.

  13. Speaking of intolerance, when was the last time anyone read of a jew or christian getting stoned to death. Next thing you know, Doc will tell us Sharia law is tolerant.

  14. Well I guess free speech doesn't exist on when you cannot state a true fact . . . in the past 60 years I have not heard of one Jew or Christian filming and beheading anyone of a different faith!

  15. I personally believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster as my Lord and Savior, who provides the only true path to salvation. All other non-believers are doomed to eternal damnation. Tonight I will eat a bowl of spaghetti to save them from their sins.

  16. Happy Passover, Doc.

  17. 2:15PM & TAP:I posted these two against my better judgement since the writers have completely missed the point of this blog. We are not talking about acts of terrorists. If we were we could have included what happened in Texas a few years ago a bunch of whites dragging a bound black along a road behind a truck until he died or the bombing of a synagogue in California a week ago. Stoning is a form of punishment in the bible. I agree it is as barbaric as the Inquisitors burning their victims at the stake.

    As to freedom of speech, we bloggers are not obligated to give anyone space in our blog. That is not a violation of the first amendment.We do so as an accommodation . You can start your own blog and write anything you want or stand on a soap box in the plaza downtown and say anything you want although I would caution against open rebellion.

  18. I was not refering to you but to the comment deleted 12:10. You posted the comment and it appears as though someone else removed it!

    You basically have th moral, the immoral and the amoral in this world. . . The first two you can understand and deal with . .. the latter are real scary people!!!!

  19. Happy Passover Doc. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Seder!

    Your point is well taken considering it is Holy Week, but timing is often lost on the multitudes.

    My criticism, comment, or correction is regarding your description of the sects (the proper nomenclature)of Islam as "cults". Yes Doc, everyone's a critic.

    As to Anon @2:19 PM: Surprisingly, history started a little over 60 years ago. There is and has been plenty of killing in the name of religion to go around; apparently, the patent is held in common. Myopia serves no one, and should be reserved for the ophthalmologist's office.

    Peace to all.

  20. Didn't someone once say 'Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.'
    If we were all perfect there would be no need for God.
    Doc have a respectful Passover.