Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I was not going to expound on the PMUA  discussion since that subject has been adequately covered by Dan Damon's Plainfield Todayhttp://ptoday.blogspot.com/ and by Tony Rucker' QG Progressive blog
shttp://www.theqcpblog.com/  However. I can not ignore the matter.

Well over  an hour was spent on this one item  including preceding  public comments.Much of the Councillors discussion had to do with the Council's last month rejection of two nominees. Unfortunately it was along political lines not community welfare. Councillor Reid's loyalty to Administration is well known. He. however, can rationalize his stance.

I have difficulty understanding Councilwoman Rivers repetitive argument that the Council should disregard its fiduciary Charter obligation of "Advice and Consent" and routinely accept without discussion or question the Mayor's nomination. Perhaps this is a hangover of her BOE roots where the recommendations of the district superintendent were routinely approved. That included the appointment of unqualified individuals to high salaried positions. After a year on the Council it would seem to me that even a neophyte would recognize that although elected from a particular ward the Councillor must represent the interests of the entire community no a section of the whole or a political leadership.

As to the PMUA question it is two fold;  The quality of the trash and recycle services  have never been in question. What is in question and never answered is the fiscal practices of the PMUA including the methodology by which costs are allocated and rates set as well as perks assumed by its leadership.

We as Taxpayers may be subject to double taxation. The agreement with the City and PMUA provides for payment for certain services shared by the utility  for the city. At the same time ever y property owner is billed by the authority for shared services. The city holds lien sales  on the property of those delinquent in their PMUA payments.

It is unfortunate that in the past the appointment of Commissioners has represented a recycling of individuals who have been good party members, often former city Councilors. It has to b e demonstrated that in the Utility Board of Commissioners there is not a tendency to blindly OK the CEO's recommendations.

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  1. Bunch of crooks. Get them out of town!