Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Lingering effects of the past 10 days virus determined tghe length of my stay at last night's Council Agenda Setting Session.. The Public meeting had started on time, 45 minutes late. So shortly after 10PM I left and once agin will defer a dedtail report to Bernice's "Plaintalker II" and  Mark Spivey's CN Blog.

The Ledger just before the end of the year closed its free stranding section of reporters that covered this part of New Jersey and rumor is that the  Gannet papers in Central Jersey are undergoing a massive reorganization.  Both are due to the general retrenching in the news media which will further reduce  public information. WE have already lost the good Ledger reporter and  CN's Mark Spivey's status may be questionable.  Therefore, We are going to have to become even more dependent on the fact based reportative blogs as well as those that are opinion focus.

My reason to attend last night was two fold; one to hear the interviews of the Candidates to replace now Freeholder Linda Carter, as well as the nominees for Commissioners to the PMUA and the Housing Authority.  Two; to listen to the presentation of "Highland Global Strategies" on proposals to improve Public Safety in Plainfield. Since any comments I shall make are mine based on my analysis of each individual's presentation they may be biased, thus please bear with me while I organize my thoughts to post later today before the snows.

In  addition to the many comments the past two days on the issue of the filling of a Council vacancy, there has been broad distribution emails on the subject. I am taking the liberty to include two that raise other questions on the process.

"If the Plainfield Charter 2.4 is usurped by the State charter, why isn't it removed, or replaced by the state charter?  Seems very inefficient, and sloppy housekeeping, to keep a law on the books that isn't pertinent.  It also makes me very suspicious of everything in the charter.  How do we know what is correct or not?  Is it a big deal to correct such things"?(Jeanette Criscione)

"Jeanette, Plainfield has a special charter which was approved by the state legislature many years ago.  You can find it on Rashid Burney’s website.  Revising it is a complicated process.  There was a charter study commission years ago which came up with recommendations, but nothing happened.  Bernice would probably remember the details, historian that she is!" (Dottie Gutenkauf).

Many of the questions that have been posed in this blog by myself and commentators are going to require research in the State statues and an legal opinion before an election should take place.

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