Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Rebecca Williams 51% majority victory over Rashid Burney and Don Davis would be a clear indication that one half of Plainfield is fed up with the "little green machine" if the electorate turnout had been greater. Only approximately 22% of registered Democrats voted!.

However, although the results of this election will not be a fact until Jan. 1,2011. the lesson will not be lost on the Mayor and the Assemblyman. No longer will the Administration find it advantageous not to fill the vital financial posts that it has left empty throughout most of its hold in office.

I expect that for the next 6 months this present Council in which Councilman Burney has been a valuable member will put pressure for a budget for FY2011 to be forthcoming ASAP. The generous timetable that Council has advocated is too long and if the Council adjusts its meeting schedule there is no reason why it can not become reality before the end of August.

Rashid Burney is a dedicated Plainfielder and I hope he will continue to be actively involved. His political career should not be over for he has much to offer. In the remaining six months of his Council membership he may regain the ability to act aggressively proactive rather than give the impression off fence sitting. His failure was not due to the negative actions of which the William's campaign accused him. Everyone was a majority action of the Council.

One particular charge against him was collusion with the Mayor in the failed attempt to reimburse Dornoch over $250K for the Senior Center. That resolution was on the meeting agenda and seemed to have caught all of the Council by surprise when I, at the pubic session prior to the voting, objected to it. Various members of the Council including Reid then expressed their concerns and it was tabled for a review which seems to have been lost. Burney was just another Councilor who did not wish to vote on that resolution.

Burney lost, because he had left the New Democrats faction had allied himself with City Committee Chairman Green. The campaign that the "Regular Democrats" ran was one of the lowest in the history of Plainfield culminating in the reprehensible letter of Jerry Green.

Both sides have been guilty of distortion of facts and personal attacks that I have object to. There was no excuse for Damon's using Burney's home as a political attack, and I did object in my blog. The ridiculous picture of Jerry has been used before and is a below the belt hit. In fact I think the picture used in the "New Dems" flier was a composition job with Burney in the background and the focus on Green.

However the tone of the race was initiated by Green's flier in late May and his last blog on May 28 "Honesty Hurts the Wannabees in Plainfield" which was an attack on all who opposed him.

I firmly believe that Rashid Burney lost because he associated himself with Green who has written that he as Chairman ,not the committee, had the right to select the candidates for office. Green then took an active role in the campaign.


  1. Dream sequence- Mr. Green, tossing and turning in bed, rolls over to gaze out the window and seize a view of the new dawn. Taking his cue from the recent primary he vows that next time things will be different. He will see to it himself. With Plainfield in his heart and ego tossed aside, he goes to his desk and pens his resignation as Plainfield Democratic City Committee Chairman and NJ State Assemblyman.

  2. We can all be dreamers. The last two elections may convince the County that he is becoming a liability.

  3. No doubt you're voting Republican in November--as usual.

  4. 9:03 AM.Are you looking over my shoulder in the booth so that you know my "as usual"vote. Instead your could read my blog and note I am a registered Democrat. I have been so because I want to exercise my right to vote and the party is the only game in town. AS you look over my shoulder idiot, you will note that in the General elections I vote for the BEST Candidate irregardless of party. In the last election there was only one choice for Governor. In 2008 only one choice for President. Twice I was right.

    Oh, do you have a fetish about Republicans? If so and it is reasonable I will post your comment.