Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I left the Council's Agenda Setting Session at 10:45PM shortly before the Public Comments period. That time was too late to write any impressions except these meetings are still too long and perhaps at least the Agenda Session should be split to two days. The public attendance was light. Bernice (Plainfield Plaintalker) was being a volunteer reporter until the bitter end and her blog will, perhaps in segments report all news of interest from this meeting.

Mine will come either late today or tomorrow.

Of note Councilor Carter "attended" the meeting by "Conference Call" and Councilor Storch left after about 2 hours into the meeting.

After the final Resolution on the Agenda was approved for inclusion a new resolution apparently from a candidate for the BOE requesting a street permission to use six horses for campaign purposes the day(s) before the election. I did not get the details and the Council did request certain clarification before next Monday's meeting.

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