Saturday, March 20, 2010


A combination of a "Spring cold" with nasal stuffiness which makes sleeping difficult and March Madness should have been a good enough excuse not to post anything today. On the other hand the world is full of sensible and good intentions. At least the world I thought I lived in. Today, I believe that I found out that there are multiple concurrent universes.

I made one mistake and opened Maria's blog regarding the proposed PSS budget.

What universe do the BOE Members and the PSS Administration live in? A 16+% increase? How dare they. Perhaps we should test those people for Hallucinogen drugs. I thought that we are in an severe economic crisis. But Education which should aid the public persists IS in living on cloud nine.

Could it be that presenting a bloated budget which is sure to be voted down is a deliberate to maintain personal high salaries, avoid obvious and in some cases unfortunate cost saving personnel measures at the expense of student education.

I am sure that at all levels, especially at the top levels there are 2 jobs that can be handled without difficulty by one person , or 3 jobs that 2 can manage without breaking a sweat. But we have developed a society that does not know the principle of an honest day's work. Instead we like new titles, automatic pay raises, expensive perks and no accountability.

A doomsayer would comment that we are participating in the disintegration of a civilization and don't know it.


  1. The universe of an never-ending pocket rich with cash....our pockets. There is no reality. As I have stated many times on Maria's blog...the real nightmare is have a money obsessed school system that is suddenly going to be starving for it after they had more than they could possibly use properly...they will be coming for the taxpayers of Plainfield now...and don't expect ANY sympathy over the plight of the unemployed, underemployed or paycheck to paycheck retirees...the blob needs to be fed, and screw the masses! Almost makes Assistant Mayor Sharon seem "humanesque" with her budget, no?

  2. I have to agree with Doc, "How dare they". What universe is the BOE and school administration living in. Did we dump the not so superintendent yet? I think Plainfield schools need to live with the same budget they had this year and teachers and administration need to forgo any raises. I know I got a pay cut, not an increase for this year, but I'm teaching adults, which I love doing?

  3. How dare they is right. Look around. Our financial situation is grim at best. People are being downsized left and right. They are the biggest bottom feeder of our tax dollar, and they have the nerve to ask for more!! HOW DARE THEY?!?! Let them eat cake! They can fogo a raise like everyone else in society. Again, the feeling of privilage and entitlement reigns supreme in the BOE.

  4. Calm down people. These are STATE MANDATED increases compliments of Cristie and payback of the Abbott educational welfare system.

  5. 10:13PM: You may be right about State Mandated increases, but Christie did not have time to have the legislature pass any increases. The "Abbott educational welfare system" may have been the impetus for the mandates.With Abbott gone the BOEs are obligated to find alternate funding, but Plainfield is only going to have a minor loss. The magnitude of the increase must be due to other factors that you, not I, may be privy to. What economies does this budget represent that will not affect children's education?

  6. Let's hope that children are NOT affected. But with a budget reduction of nearly $7 million I don't know how children can't be impacted.

    Let's hope that this administration which thus far appeared to be focused on students continues to do so and cuts some of the highly paid administrators. Even still i don't think administration could absorb nowhere near the $7 milliom the district is short.