Thursday, February 5, 2009

Space filler

Any new words of wisdom are still in cyberspace. Perhaps they will emerge early afternoon, who knows?

I do not believe that I have previously posted these pictures from Egypt. I would suggest that you look at the humans in each picture to get an idea of the grandeur of the structures.
#1 is the exterior af the Temple at Abul-Simmel: This entire site of which only part is shown was excavated from the cliff below by trhe Nile which was going to be flooded by the Aswam Dam and Lake Nasser.

#2 Is part of the impressive Temple of Karnak near the ancient capital of Thebes.

#3 is a barge on the Nile

Yesterdays unknowns were;
#1- Saint Marks Square, Venice
#2b California Ave, San Francisco
#3 Mykonos , Greek Island
#4 Lisbon Portugal

The original #2 was identified yesterday since no one could possibly identify this off the tourist trail city.

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