Wednesday, October 29, 2008


At the risk of being called too busy by Plainfield Today I am going to post today and at frequent intervals some random thoughts as they strike. I may even add to the posting during the day.

When I first returned from service in Europe I knew that I had to refresh my knowledge of everyday medicine. I elected to take a refresher course at Mt Siae hospital which for many weeks made me a commuter from the Grant Ave. station.That trip required the ferry boat ride from the Jersey City terminal and a walk across lower Manhattan to the Lexington Ave line;s Chamber Street station to take the subway uptown.

On the train and subway I tried but never really accomplished the art of folding the newspaper of those years into a small enough size so that it could be read without bothering the person sitting next to you. If today's Courier had been available no newspaper folding would have been needed!

On the subject of the new Courier, as one who had years ago play frequently against the top notch duplicate players with some degree of success, I have always enjoyed the Courier's Bridge column. However since this recent incarnation I have to get out a magnifying glass to read it, when I can find it hidden in the advertising section. Look for it you will be amazed at what they are presenting to their readers.

While on a newspaper bitch; I have always been a comic page reader and the Star Ledger HAD one of the best pages. In their recent economy move they have dropped several of the best although one or two still appear in the Sunday section. One was a Canadian based strip which was life going in its story line. "For Better or Worse" still is carried in micro form by the Courier. My dollar continues to buy less and my newspapers shrink. Even the Times has joined the movement.

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