Friday, September 26, 2008

Crisis Potpourri

Two days ago I expressed my concerns about the economic crisis facing us. I mentioned my fears that nothing constructive would happen because we are dependent on elected politicians become statesmen. The news this morning validates that fear.

Although a consensus agreement had been worked out it appears that it is the Republicans in the house that have sabotaged an admittedly imperfect program. What they have offered instead is an position to use as a campaign base tin an attempt to return their seats. The country be damned.

Bush as a lame duck President has no power, and can only hope do get bipartisan cooperation and action. The Senate leaders and some of the House leaders have worked to produce a package that could be acceptable.

The two Presidential Candidates' position have not yet been clarified and what impact they can have on the negotiations still is doubtful.

We can only sit and wait for a miracle. Congress might accept its responsibility to the nation.

I still have not decided which candidate should receive my vote and I hope my wife's. I do not intend to politicalize this blog. If there is some distortion that is too blatant to ignore I will point it out. To date most of the TV spots have presented the "truth" as perceived by the sponsor although 90% of the time it has undergone some context editing. Today's NY Times, that bastion of Democrat succor, did publish an article critical of the Obama's campaign. The gist being that McCain is not the only one guilty of distortion,surprise?

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