Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hospitals and Politics.

This is the initial get it off my chest comment. `

Today's Courier News confirms that JFK plans to start closing some Muhlenberg Hospital's services as soon as Father's Day. No certificate for closure has been issued as of this date. Nor have the mandated public hearings been held. JFK's action confirms this observers opinion that this is a political "fait accompli" and the entire process is a farce.
`The Commissioner of Health and the state Democratic party pay only lip service to the questions of health care for the under-privileged. Institutions that render such services when public funding is less than 50% of costs.
New Jersey to my knowledge no public funded hospitals to render essential local health care. A plan for State or local Communities to assume the operational responsibilities for inner city hospitals such as Muhlenberg must be formulated as an alternate before closing can be permitted. The downside of course is that not only will this mean a raise in taxes (unacceptable) unless funds are diverted from other non essential pet projects, but will be an opportunity for a politician's gold mine.
Perhaps if local and county political leaders of both parties were truly interested in public welfare the present impending catastrophe would not be possible. Past actions or the lack of any discernible positive efforts by our represenatives in State government would reinforce that impression. Would it not be nice if the electorate would remember this in coming elections.

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