Sunday, February 21, 2010


Sunday is one of the days that sermons are anticipated and for some of the "listeners" a time for a quick snooze. It is not the prerogative of a blogger to deliver sermons. But, there are certain principles about blogs that always bear repeating.

It is obvious from the number of anonymous commentaries and the ability to check the number of "hits", which I for one have not done, that some of the Palinfield fixated blogs have an extensive audience. For the blogger that is compensation enough for time and thought expended.

It is regrettable that some hiding behind anonymity can not distinguish the difference between blogs and the in line newspaper forums. The later encourage people to post vindictive, sometimes obscene, of without basis attacks on individuals who can not legally counter such garbage. This may be an legal abuse of their first amendment; however the editors are interested in readership so they do not exercise any control over the forums.

The blogger on the other hand has the right to post or reject comments to their postings. The blogger may not be immune from suits for publishing slanderous or false rumor based comments. Under no circumstances should any blogger allow his blog to become an uncontrolled forum.

To often a "whatsis" attempts to do so, this comment by Bernice recently to an individual who submitted within minutes the same "stuff" to three of us is an example: 7:28 PM Bernice reply To 6:49 p.m. - you already put all that stuff on the Plainfield forum, so why should I post it on my blog? Those files look like something only an insider would have. Are you an insider or an outsider who now feels it is "time for the truth?" Well said.

Sometimes the anonymous one's impressions are weird, such has this from a commentary to Councilor Burney's most recent post; Alan, thank you for your words. You are right - there are no winners in this budget.But according to some local bloggers, it was as if they had won the superbowl.The budget is passed every year. There is nothing special about that event.

I can not recall any of the so called major bloggers cheering about the Council passing the budget. Every one I read and I hope I too complained that the process was a farce since 2/3rd of the year had passed and much of available funds already expended. All have called for an honest approach to the process not a flim flam.

But then again as a reader to Plainfield Today wrote: This just makes me so sad and angry. Sad because it makes Plainfield look worse and worse with no end in sight, and not because of anything the citizens did. Practically everyone in the government is useless: the stupid public safety director, the snitch cops, the incompetent mayor, the crybaby rec director, the slimy schools superintendent, the crybaby bloggers, the bitchy commentators to the blogs, the irresponsible BOE, the all mouth but no brains assemblyman, all of them. Everyone seems a fool or worse.

Please would this individual identify or define "crybaby bloggers". He/she with identity can reply to me and I will keep the reply confidential unless he/she requests my posting it. I guess that "bitchy commentators" refers to those that disagree with this righteous person.

I am always maintained that the purpose of my blog a stated in mt heading is not that of a reporter but among other potpouuri a place to voice publicly my opinions on local or generalized occurrences. I consider Plainfield Plaintalker and Maria's Blog each in its unique way a true honest without biased purveyor of facts that are related to Plainfield. Plainfield Today functions as a fact reporter, a whistle blower, and the source of material that can not be authenticated but must be further investigated. These three attempt to make our community a responsible place to live. Support them, don't damn them.

As almost a non-sequitor; today's CN headline " Board finds way around conflicts" should have read "Board finds way to negate conflicts". The conflicts exists, but what is most important to know is how many of the relatives became employees of the system after the board member assumed office. That is a most pertinent ethical question.

I can understand Board President Cathart's position that only the Board President should make public comments about Board activities. However that Totalitarian Dictatorial position should be relaxed to permit a spokesperson for an opposition to also make a public statement after, not prior to, Board action.

A final statement; I know that each member of the BOE sought that office in an honest desire to improve the PSS as that person invisioned. The only question is the understanding of wach board member as to their fiduciary responsibility, the Board's role, The Superintendent's role aand each one's commitment to the community.


  1. @DOC,I am not from Plainfield but live here and I dont have a hidden agenda. I look to some blogs to get better insights on the environment in Plainfield. I am not naive and know how to gleen information from people who have their own agenda and disquise themselves as being for the people of Plainfield. Some people have to be anonymous for fear of retribution or retaliation. Trust me, they are well grounded fears. You can tell the difference from insiders and people with agendas. People with agendas just attack the person or party. Insiders care about the city and feel compelled to tell someone, hoping maybe that someone can do something about it. Plainfield is at a crossroads. It is time for people who stand for right to make their voices heard.

  2. I'm confused...does that make me a "person with an agenda?" While I'm not an outsider (own in Plainfield) I have a child who attends school in another district legally. And yes, I am the one who contact Fox5 news. Did I do so because I was running for the Board, or to get a better job? Guess what, I neither am running for the Board nor do I work in the district.

    What's my agenda?


  3. Laura,what are you confused about? You have never hid in anonymity.
    yes you do have an agenda- a school system thgat will deliver top notch education.
    At the risk of being blasted, I have no problem with your contacting Fox5. Plainfield has to stop covering up its problems.

  4. @Doc, that wasn't aimed at you...but at Tony who made generalizations about how ALL people have an agenda. Tony said "people with agendas just attack the person or party." Yes, I did attack Gallon...with good reason.

    If my agenda is a school system that will deliver a top-notch education...than that it is. My point is that I do not have a child enrolled in the school district anymore, so the only thing I have to gain is doing what is right.

  5. Laura,

    I did not sound like Tony was referring to you.

  6. @Laura, no I wasnt referring to you if you just want to do the right thing. That is what motivates me. Like you, I have no bone in the fight, except I was contemplating teaching in Plainfield (scratch that idea) *smile*

  7. OK Laura and Tony, I can no longer be a matchmaker or peacemaker .Blog comments are related to the blog and I am glad that there was no personalities refered to in the comments.